Microsoft Dot Net

The Microsoft Solutions team at AdTe is rated highly by clients. AdTe is often the first choice for repeat business with a successful track record of our implementation in Microsoft .NET technologies. Our designers project a robust, scalable, clear, and safe design following the guidelines prescribed by Microsoft. Our software design based on .NET framework can assist you in migrating or re-engineering your software to adapt to the latest business prototypes.

Our USPs

Migration Services

AdTe’s track record of migrating a obsolete software products to the latest Microsoft .NET platform is well documented and appreciated by clients. We are backed by a set of .NET professionals specializing in migration and experts in leveraging latest .NET migration tools to deliver quality.

Over the years we have served many reputed software enterprises, assisting them re-use the knowledge and solution within their legacy applications or software cost-effectively. Additionally, we have helped clients to re-engineer obsolete software for further use.


Classic ASP to ASP.NET Migration

Our ASP to ASP.NET migration services helps you to leverage the attributes and benefits of applications or software developed using Microsoft’s .NET framework. We adopt proven migration schemes and actions based on the code quality, scalability and code functionality of the software to be migrated.

Legacy to .NET Migration

We offer you an excellent choice to migrate your obsolete software to faster .NET framework. We provide migration consultancy and suggest improvement requirements, indicating to write code from scratch or migration using automated tools. We provide quick and full conversion from Legacy to .NET Migration by removing dead and duplicate codes.

VB to VB.NET Migration

Our expert team develops tools and accelerators for faster returns and development of quality codes. We provide quick and full conversion from VB to VB.NET Migration.

.NET Web Development

We have helped several small and mid-size companies develop industry specific .NET web applications. We use the core ASP.NET for web application development, and leverage ambit of framework for scalable, secure, and clear web applications. ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, and Microsoft Silverlight are some of the frameworks used for web application development.

. NET Windows Development

For a decade now, we have helped many small and mid-size software enterprises improve user experience and productivity. Laptops and desktops are still dominating the market; with Smartphone devices joined the league recently now. Our expertise in Windows Application Development technologies helps us deliver nouveau software products and applications.