Ramesh Yedurla
CEO / Founder

Ramesh Yedurla is the CEO / Founder of AdTe Tech, a global Information Technology service provider with expertise in provision of Application Development, Infrastructure Management, Product Engineering Services and telecom services. He has been instrumental in setting the vision for AdTe Tech to be positioned as a Global Service Provider and moving the Company up the value chain by focusing on differentiated services and product based offerings in a non-conventional engagement and business models.

Ramesh Yedurla’s empathetic style makes him a very popular leader amongst the young and dynamic employees of AdTe Tech. His leadership style encourages entrepreneurial culture that is goals driven, based on respect for people, freedom of thought, expression and action along with globalized business processes, practices and organizational structure that helps create transparency and drive accountability within AdTe Tech. Ramesh Yedurla realized early  that the company needed a winning team to make the AdTe Tech vision a reality. His leadership is evident in the progressive work environment at AdTe Tech, where qualified and experienced people bring depth and maturity while retaining focus on flexibility, innovation and integrity which are the core elements of the entrepreneurial DNA (Departmental Network Administrator) of the organization.

He holds a Masters Degree in INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT from the Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI).


Shaik Mansur

Shaik Mansur is a CO-Founder at AdTe Tech. His extensive experience in people management has helped him to make an outstanding contribution in AdTe Tech’s strategic decision making ability. Prior to AdTe Tech.

An avid reader, he keeps himself abreast with the latest developments in the IT industry.

This group is closely working with industry in the development of a number of Telecommunications and Computer Network Systems.